How it works

B-more's web development process is easy. We understand you are busy, so we lead you through the whole way.

We start by asking you questions about your project. What are your goals? Who is your audience? We ask about colors, branding, message and also what other websites you like. We only ask what we need to get a solid idea of what you want.

We talk with you to understand your business and your project's goals in detail. After this, we offer suggestions on the projections direction. Our creative staff will then put together and send a project proposal.

We will then give you our proposed design/s on what we think will work best for your company. You will then give us feedback, from which we will revise your design feel based on our conversation and direction.

Next, we start the production of your project and generate a coded version for you to review. This will allow you to view each and every design we have decided on for your project. You will be able to see the progress of your project in your own staging area. This insures that we stick to your plan and you can see what is going on the whole time.

When the completed version is ready, you will be asked to proof it again and send any final changes. B-more puts your changes into effect, make the additional updates requested and you are off and running. I's that easy.